Champagne A.Chauvet in Tours-sur-Marne. Being founded in 1848 when the great-great-uncle of the current family decided to produce his own champagne. When he acquired the domain he owned vineyards in Bouzy and Ay. The cellars were dug dug in 1798. Soil: limestone clay.  Average age of vines: 60 years.

Today they have 8,69 hectares in Epernay –  Montagne de Reims
CRUS : Verzy (Grand Cru), Verzenay (Grand Cru), Bouzy (Grand Cru), Ambonnay (Grand Cru), Bisseuil (Premier Cru)
Grapes in vineyards : 37 % Chardonnay et 63% Pinot Noir

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