• Champagne Carole Noizet

    I started importing Champagne from Carole Noizet in 2017 and I still do. I fell for the straight forward wines and the good energy of Carole when I met her for the first time. Using Google translate to aid me with my really not so good French we had some good laughs trying to understand …

  • Champagne Marion-Bosser

    Growers Champagne from Hautvillers. I remember reading a story on the Internet about a guy living in Hautvillers who was hired to remove the unwanted bubbles from wine in Champagne.Since the bottles blew up in the cellars wine makers wanted to do a Burgundy style still wine. He was therefore given the task to get …

  • Champagne Roger Brun

    Whenever I visit Aÿ I always visit Champagne Roger Brun. Philippe Brun who manages this house in the heart of AŸ is a man of science and a broad perspective. He is also one of the reasons I fell in love with Champagne. When you ask he always shares his knowledge about agriculture and wine. …

  • De forskellige champagner til middagen på restaurant Sture på den svenske nationaldag 2019

    Champagnemiddag på restaurant Sture i Malmö

    Hvor går jeg hen og får en kulinarisk oplevelse i Malmö? En oplagt mulighed i Malmö er at besøge Restaurant Sture i Adelgatan 13,  211 22, Malmö. Events året rundt Restaurant Sture laver forskellige kulinariske events i løbet af året. Et af dem var en Champagne Event på den svenske nationaldag 6. juni 2019. På …

  • Champagne A. Chauvet

    It was a good way to start the day when I drove from Reims to Tour-sur-Marne on a beautiful sunny morning. The stunning scenery of coloured fields on my way to visit the A. Chauvet house put a big smile on my face. 🙂 The aunt of Jacques greeted me when I arrived that Tuesday …

  • Is it rosé or is it chicken?

    In my opinion a lot of rosé wines taste almost the same – so could one argue that it “taste like chicken”? Well.. Maybe after a couple of bottles from, but lets not go there yet. The same could also be said about reds and whites, but this article is about rosé wine and some of …

  • Featured artwork – “Blue”

    Which category would you put this piece of art in? Landscape, Monochrome or maybe Fantasy? Details from the painting. Here the skull and the old castle are in the background. Close up of the old castle below

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